Episode 35 - SKYLAB Spectacular with NRL's Victor Scherrer


Original findings published on behalf of the Naval Research Laboratory in 1975 at the International Conference on X-Rays in Space (NASA Archives at Harvard):

Episode 35 - SKYLAB Spectacular with NRL's Victor Scherrer

On this very special Thanksgiving episode we have a legendary guest, SKYLAB all-star Victor Scherrer of the Naval Research Laboratory, who co-designed the solar cameras for the Apollo Telescope Mount. He shares with us an intimate history of the program, the challenges and the victories of America's first space station!

PLUS: Mr. Scherrer has written an EXCLUSIVE ILLUSTRATED ARTICLE for us, detailing the origin, development and implementation of the solar cameras and each mission's responsibilities. 

(Historians interested in more of Mr. Scherrer's work, email to get in touch.)

Episode 36 - A Super SKYLAB 50th Anniversary!

Step right up, folks, step right up - following our interview with Victor Scherrer, it's the SKYLAB Super Show!!

SEE: the famous Commander Conrad and his parasol acrobatics duo, Weitz & Kerwin!

SEE: Big Al Bean the weightless weightlifter, with "Shades" Garriott & Jumpin' Jack Lausma and the twin pole thermal space waltz!

SEE: "Comet" Carr and the Kohouteks live, opening for the Gibson-Pogue Antenna Experiment!

AND...the wondrous Alyene Baker and her magical sewing speed skills!

Plus: Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum, and the animals of Apollo (oh, and Phooey).